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What our clients said

“Over many years Nathan has been instrumental to help me through changing career objectives, high-pressure deliverables, emerging trends and complex professional relationships. Supported by Nathan's education, government exposure and lived experiences he provides a questioning and thought-provoking approach to coaching, which in turn builds confidence, expands perspectives and allows exploration of a wider range of considerations and possibilities. With our time I have become a stronger senior leader, fostered improved relationships and avoided many pitfalls. Nathan is approachable, positive and a remarkable coach.”

Robert Ashton, Senior Director, Elections Canada

“Nathan's coaching approach and techniques have helped me develop key leadership competencies and to work through a variety of challenges during the past several years of my career. Nathan's enquiry based approach, ability to accompany his clients along the change management journey, and process of reframing challenges as opportunities have been essential in equipping me to provide leadership to teams and manage files of increasing complexity.”

Daniel Fischer, Director, Elections Canada


"Nathan brings strong insight, thought, and empathy to his coaching sessions. I find his direct style to be most helpful in challenging my own views and driving at the crux of the issues I often face. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an honest view and great tools to face difficult situations and challenges."

Patrick J. Juneau, Director General, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada


“Nathan has had a significant impact on my career. In his role as my executive coach, Nathan has been a wealth of wisdom and guidance, and offered the right boosts of thoughtful confidence through several big transitions and professional challenges in my career. I have most appreciated Nathan's ability to challenge me on many fronts, contributing not only to my professional growth, but also my personal well-being. I have always felt that Nathan is not only my coach but also my cheerleader, and genuinely cares about my success. I always look forward to my sessions with Nathan, and always walk away feeling like a superstar who's got it covered. I highly recommend Nathan to anyone looking for a coach who is frank, direct, and doesn't shy away from asking the hard questions that make a difference.”

Linda Ristani, Director, Public Health Agency of Canada


“Nathan is very knowledgeable and has a way to share information that is very relevant and interesting. He keeps the audience hooked.


Anonymous Transport Canada Employee


“Excellent. Normally I am hard to please, as I have been a facilitator myself. The instructor was superb in all facets. I noticed every detail of his engagement and subtle ways of setting up interactions and group work. Again I have taught classes for over 10 years and worked for almost 30 so I can definitely provide a solid appraisal on his quality work. Well done.”


Anonymous Prairies Economic Development Canada employee

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